• The Clayer: Narrative Clay Master Class

    Last year, when I was teaching a session of The Clayer, the one question that was weaving in and out of all of my e-course sessions was “How to Develop One’s Own Voice.” My Clayers were stockpiling techniques but were left struggling with how to translate the newly learned techniques into meaningful work that they could call their own. I asked them if they’d be interested in a Clayer e-course that would focus on this topic and if they’d be interested in working together to develop their own visual language. I was met with a resounding, YES! So a year later, I am so VERY excited to announce the launching of my third e-course, The Clayer: Narrative Clay Master Class! This e-course will be different as it will not be a technique based course (though I will share surprise techniques throughout the 5-week e-course) like my previous two Clayer E-courses. The class size for each session will be much smaller so we can spend the five weeks together super-focused on creating a connection between technique and expression. This is the teaching that I LOVE doing and I am so excited to work with you! The first session is scheduled to start in September and registration is now open! Space is limited, so grab your spot soon!